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      The early writers call Jouskeha the creator of the world, and speak of him as corresponding to the vague Algonquin deity, Atahocan. Another deity appears in Iroquois mythology, with equal claims to be regarded as supreme. He is called Areskoui, or Agreskoui, and his most prominent attributes are those of a god of war. He was often invoked, and the flesh of animals and of captive enemies was burned in his honor. [76] Like Jouskeha, he was identified with the sun; and he is perhaps to be regarded as the same being, under different attributes. Among the Iroquois proper, or Five Nations, there was also a divinity called Tarenyowagon, or Teharonhiawagon, [77] whose place and character it is very difficult to determine. In some traditions he appears as the son of Jouskeha. He had a prodigious influence; for it was he who spoke to men in dreams. The Five Nations recognized still another superhuman personage,plainly a deified chief or hero. This was Taounyawatha, or Hiawatha, said to be a divinely appointed messenger, who made his abode on earth for the political and social instruction of the chosen race, and whose lxxviii counterpart is to be found in the traditions of the Peruvians, Mexicans, and other primitive nations. [78]XLIV "THEY WERE ALL FOUR TOGETHER"

      But Flora kept silence.And you did not tell me?

      "Madame," he said, presenting her to Marie de Medicis, "I give you a lady of honor who is a lady of honor indeed."Three years afterwards, a paper was printed by the Jesuits of Paris, called Instruction pour les Pres de nostre Compagnie qui seront enuoiez aux Hurons, and containing directions for their conduct on this route by the Ottawa. It is highly characteristic, both of the missionaries and of the Indians. Some of the points are, in substance, as follows.You should love the Indians like brothers, with whom you are to spend the rest of your life.Never make them wait for you in embarking.Take a flint and steel to light their pipes and kindle their fire at night; for these little services win their hearts.Try to eat their sagamite as they cook it, bad and dirty as it is.Fasten up the skirts of your cassock, that you may not carry water or sand into the canoe.Wear no shoes or stockings in the canoe; but you may put them on in crossing the portages.Do not make yourself troublesome, even to a single Indian.Do not ask them too many questions.Bear their faults in silence, and appear always cheerful.Buy fish for them from the tribes you will pass; and for this purpose take with you some awls, beads, knives, and fish-hooks.Be not ceremonious with the Indians; take at once what they offer you: ceremony offends them.Be very careful, when in the canoe, that the brim of your hat does not annoy them. Perhaps it would be better to wear your night-cap. There is no such thing as impropriety among Indians.Remember that it is Christ and his cross that you are seeking; and if you aim at anything else, you will get nothing but affliction for body and mind.

      The Iroquois people was divided into eight clans. When the original stock was sundered into five parts, each of these clans was also sundered into five parts; and as, by the principle already indicated, the clans were intimately mingled in every village, hamlet, and cabin, each one of the five nations had its portion of each of the eight clans. [47] When the league was formed, these separate portions readily resumed their ancient tie of fraternity. Thus, of the Turtle clan, all the members became brothers again, nominal members of one family, whether Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, or Senecas; and so, too, of the remaining clans. All the Iroquois, irrespective of nationality, were therefore divided into eight families, each tracing its descent to a common mother, and each designated by its distinctive lvi emblem or totem. This connection of clan or family was exceedingly strong, and by it the five nations of the league were linked together as by an eightfold chain.

      How he snores! added another.



      "And Captain Irby!" remarked Miranda.


      "The risks are the deadliest of all.""Oh, why, why, why!" cried the other, with a sudden gleam of tears. "I wish you and Miranda had never learned that word."