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      Meanwhile, said Dan MacGrath, whats to be done with the kid?

      "After me! He ought to be first, Martinyour son, your heir, your second self in the days to come. He ought to have the first place in your heart, Martin, for he is your future."


      [Pg 290]

      You think that, you say that, she said, with a kind of sad bitterness. Would you answer me frankly, truthfully, if I were to ask you a question, Lord Trafford?Yes, assented the duke, placidly, as if he had the money at his bankers. It will be rather a large undertaking, and it will cost a great deal of money; but I hold that it is reprehensible to let money lie idle while it could be used in providing employment for hundreds of deserving persons. And it will improve the property also. I shall not see it, but Trafford, I trust, will do so, andhe looked at her with a little smileyou, too, my dear.



      As he stood upright, his ear caught the faint jar of a closing door, followed by the sound of slow footsteps, and a cracked voice humming a song. Apparently, the spot which he had chosen, lonely as it seemed, was not far from some human dwelling. He and his companion exchanged startled glances, plunged into the underbrush, and fled silently and swiftly.