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      She locked herself in the cabin, while the hurrying footsteps overhead told her that Lostwithiel was working with the sailors.The silence had lasted for nearly an hour, broken only by the shriek of the wind, and by the chiming of the quarters from the Church of La Trinit de' Monti, when Colonel Disney was startled by his wife's hand clutching his arm, and his wife's agitated whisper sounding close to his ear.

      She closed the door, and stood looking at him, her face white, her lips tightly compressed.

      She was startled and bewildered. It was the first time she had ever been made love to, for though no doubt every young man in the camp worshiped her, and would have gladly made her his wife, not one of them had ever dared to tell her so, or to even hint by word or sign at the state of his feelings, for the simple reason that she was regarded by the whole camp as a kind of queen. Besides, it was well known that her guardian, Varley Howard, would not permit of any love-making, and that the man who should venture to propose marriage to Esmeralda would far more probably be the chief personage in a funeral than in a wedding.

      It was unpardonable, he said. And I do not deserve that you should listen to what I have to say. But I hope you will.


      The ring was slipped on, the hands of the pair were joined, the bishop delivered his little address, and pronounced his blessing in his well-known mannera mixture of sacerdotal dignity and sweetnessand Esmeralda walked down the aisle the wife of the Marquis of Trafford."Brandy!" he finally gasped, through his set teeth.


      They went down the steep pathway, Father Rodwell first, Isola following, between the crowded graves, the azaleas and camelias, veronica and guelder rose, lilac and magnolia, and on either hand a wilderness of roses, red and white.The duke was delighted with Esmeraldas driving.


      "You?"with intense surprise. "I beg your pardon. You are so young. I imagined Mrs. Disney an older person."