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      Esmeralda laughed softly, then stifled a sigh.

      Yes, I did! he retorted, almost savagely. I toldwho was it I told? He put his hand to his brow. I cant remember; my brains in a whirl. But you see nowyou must see that I am innocent. My mother, she will tell you.

      Lady Ada does her hair very nicely, my lady, she said, and it suits her, because her hair is short and doesnt go so far, and that way makes the most of it; but theres no need for you to have it done like that, with the mass your ladyship has got.

      You have no mercy, he said, brokenly. You exact your revenge and force me into the very dust.

      Contrary to his custom Callippides, during the following days, remained at home and did not fail to spend the afternoon hours in the garden. But day after day slipped by without his having the smallest glimpse of Melitta. The door of the next house often opened; but it was only a female slave who came out to gather flowers, pluck fruits, or bring in from the garden the stuffs that had been washed. As each day elapsed, Callippides became more and more depressed.

      "Mainland, or island?" grimly asked the Doctor.




      Trafford again made a gesture, half of entreaty, half of defiance.Anna had shrunk in against the farther wheel, but now rallied and moved a step forward. "Let me pass," she begged. "Give me a few moments to myself. You can wait here. I'll come back."