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      "But fwhere is the powdher to make the ball go?" persisted Barney, looking at the cartridge which Shorty had put in his hand.

      Brewster was silent, but he neither flinched nor cowered, nor yet shifted his eyes.

      Then his attention was fixed and his mind became mystified.But although Mimi showed which she thought was the right beltalthough they ripped apart every life preserver on the yachtno jewels appeared.

      "Well, then, you kin come along, and I'll be mighty glad to have you, for I know you're a standup feller and a good friend o' mine, and I always want to oblige a friend by lettin' him have a share in any good fight I have on hand."

      The shears were found and borrowed. Then ensued a discussion as to the style of the cut. The boys wanted their hair taken off close to their heads, 'but the Deacon demurred to this for fear they would catch cold.



      Another five minutes, concentrated close to a certain spot on the outside of the building, gave him his final clue.


      hEAd & brink u bAk.