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      "A light trunk and a cheerful disposition," said Doctor Bronson, who had entered the room just as this turn of the conversation set in.

      Fred had some questions of a religious character to propound to the Doctor. They had grown out of his observations during their visits to the temples.

      "My lord baron," replied Edith, "I have nothing to say that can bring home guilt to the guilty, or do right to the wronged: but I will say, my lord, that what a man is to-day he will be to-morrow, unless he has some end to answer by changing. The esquire will scarcely give the word of courtesy to the most reputable vassal, and yet did he talk secretly and familiarly with John Bylesand here is one who will swear that he heard him repeat the name of my son, and then something about an arrow."


      Both the boys thought it was, and said they were glad that they were not born in a country where such ideas of honor prevailed.



      "It's all part of the same idea, only of course he had many more things than I have. I'm a poor woman, and[Pg 446] lonely, and getting old. But"and a ring of exaltation came into her voice, and the light of it into her eyes"I want nothing.""We saw lots of tea in another room where the same kind of work was going on; and then they took us to the firing-room, and it was a firing-room, you may believe.